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16 May 2009 @ 08:37 pm
Big Photography Info Post  
America Is; Palm Trees

This is a list of things I've faved or read about through the photography grapevine. I figured it would be best to make a big post about photography and maybe some non photography projects, info and how to(s) for you all. :)

Basic Information:
Lighting: Strobist
Nikon: Nikon (official)
Nikon: Nikon Digital Learning Center
Canon: Canon (official)
Canon: Canon DSLR User Group
Canon: Canon EOS 400D (aka. Rebel XTi / KISS Digital X)
Canon: A Quick Guide to Understanding Your Canon Digital Rebel XTi
Canon: The Digital Picture (reviews and such)
Kodak: Kodak (official)
Fuji: Fuji (official)
Lomo: Lomography
Polaroid: Save Polaroid
Brownie: The Brownie-Camera Page
Film Cameras: Explore: Analog
Tips: 10 Tips for Great Pictures
Tips: Change Your Perspective
Tips: Basic Photography Tips Video (Highly Suggested)
Info: High Dynamic Range Imaging/HDR
Info: High Dynamic Range Imaging/HDR
Info: Band Photography; Pricing and What to Charge
Info: Copyright laws- Walgreen's refused to release a photo I took myself to me?
Info: Artist name and by-line in Exif
Info: Dustin Diaz; Photography
Info: ISO Settings in Digital Photography
Info: Digital Photography School

How To(s):
Traditional: How to Make a Pinhole Camera
Traditional: How to Choose Photographic Paper
Digital: How to Shoot the Moon
Digital: Photography Tutorials
Photoshop: Droste Effect Tutorial
Photoshop: Dave Hill Fans featuring How to's
Photoshop: HDR: Not Only The 'Magic' Effect
Photoshop: Simple HDR Tutorial
Photoshop: HDR: Knock Off
Photoshop: HDR Info
Photoshop: Photo Editing
Digital:Changing White Balance
Photoshop: Post Processing
Photoshop: Cross-Processing in Photoshop
Photoshop: Quick frame Effects
Photoshop: How To Make Digital Photos Look Like Lomo Photography
Panorama: Video: How to shoot a panorama quickly and easily
Macro: Macro Photography on a Budget
Macro: Reverse Lens Technique Tutorial

Traditional: Solargraphy
Misc: Face Your Pockets

Clay Patrick McBride
Todd + Todd's Photography Blog
Island Jenn
Glen E. Freeman
Dave Hill
Ryan Brenizer's Amazon Blog + Ryan Brenizer + Ryan Brenizer's flickr
Hung C Tran Photography Blog
Andrew Kendall + Andrew Kendall Flickr
Nieuwenhuis Fotografie

Film Info:

I've been trying to find film for cheap. Specially Polaroid 600 so far the cheapest in-store is Wal-Mart at $15. But packs of Polaroid 600 are cheaper on Amazon.com. Wal-mart also sells 110 film around $1.25 - $2.00 (Yes I still own 110 film cameras). But to get your 110 film processed it has to be sent out, and pretty soon so will 35mm. I imagine a lot of photo processing places are turning into digital processing places specially those in pharmacy and grocery stores. And some specialty film processing stores are going out of business. While a lot of us still like to use film whether all the time or some of the time we are loosing the basics of film. Like rotary negatives film is slowly going out of style. If people promoted to this generation's teens who like taking myspace shots with Polaroids while wearing big sunglasses and owl necklaces the history of film would be preserved. Yes we can get some of the same looks of film with photoshop but it's hardly ever the same and some people either make you pay or won't give up their secrets to how they got their digital photos to look like 35mm. We must preserve the production, usage, and development film and film cameras. Please don't give up on film.

You can purchase cameras (digital or film), accessories and 35mm film in a lot stores:
Rite Aid
47st Photo
Fry's Electronics
Best Buy