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16 May 2009 @ 06:29 pm
I'm solonbixler formerly bunnymix now dictionarian  
Yes, I did it again and changed my username. I'm now dictionarian.

I know I haven't posted any graphics recently. My DSL modem went out a while back and I've been focusing a lot on getting my GED. But hopefully before Wednesday I'll make a post.

There will be some over haul done, mostly adding new stuff.
I will be posting a Photography Help post. It's already written and on solonbixler but putting it here is best for easier access to lj users and myself.
It features how to(s) and places to buy film as well as official sites of camera makers.

There will be more resources added. I've actually created some of my own textures, but it's mainly large scans, I will get around to making different sizes and putting them in zips. They will be added to imfraudulent's DeviantArt account. There are already a couple textures added so go check them out. :)

The tutorial list is pretty big, maybe too big to load properly for some dial-up users. I'm thinking maybe making separate posts for Easy, Medium, Hard, and Misc(textures, animation, ect...) will make it easier. However if anyone has some suggestions on this or anything else featured in this post please feel free to comment.

Hopefully I can bring the icons and other resources out of the clutter it's in before I head back to school on Wednesday.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and week overall.

Current Mood: creative